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Open 24/7

River City Ironworx Gym is a 12,000 square foot fitness center located off of Main St. in River Falls, Wisconsin.  We offer a variety of classes, personal training, top of the line equipment, and machinery.  We also have a half acre back yard suitable for Strongman and other kinds of training.  The atmosphere at Ironworx creates a very comfortable environment for members of all levels and training styles to work out in.  This gym truly offers something for everyone.

From Strongman to Powerlifting to cardio

The Pit

This newly-renovated 2390 SF cross-training room is fully loaded with top-end training equipment. The area includes:

  • Olympic style bumper plates

  • Barbells, cast-iron kettlebells

  • Pullup racks                          

  • Plyometric boxes                  

  • Rowing machines                 

  • Olympic rings                       

  • Dumb bells                           

  • Deadlifting platforms, and squat racks.

RCI is the only place in town where you’ll find such a wide variety of athletic equipment.

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The Iron Room

Our freeweight room:

  •  6500+ pounds of iron      

  • 4 flat benches                  

  • Incline and decline bench

Auxiliary equipment includes:

  • 6-stall lat tower                   

  • Seated calf-raise machine.

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The Machine Shop

This 2000 SF room is equipped with:

  • Full line of Torque machines and plate-loaded Hammer strength equipment

  • treadmills, ellipticals, stair stepper machines, stationary and recumbent bikes.

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Floor Space

RCI also has a 900 SF area of open gym floor which is utilized for warming up, stretching, and aerobic exercise. During certain hours, the area is closed off using a 10 foot sliding curtain for use by private classes.

River City Ironworx has over a half-acre of outside space with:

  • Tractor tires      

  • Weight sleds    

  • Loaded keg      

  •  Conan's wheel

  • Stones             

  • Car deadlift      

  • Farmers carry  

The Yard


Locker Rooms & Showers

River City Ironworx provides its members with men and women's locker rooms. Each room comes with padlock lockers, showers, hair-dryers, and scales. Bath towels are also available to members for a small fee ($0.25/towel).

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