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Jesse Riemer

Jesse has been training strength sports since winning his first wrestling tournament at age four.  Jesse has competed in sports that challenge the body and mind to its limits.  He believes in building strength, power, and speed to transfer over to weight loss and a multitude of sports.  Jesse has either been trained by or trained with UFC Champions Brock Lesnar, Sean Sherk, Olympians Dennis Hall, and Tom Brands.  He is an Iraq War Veteran and graduated with a 3.94 GPA, earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Human Performance.  Jesse has coached at High School and Collegiate levels in wrestling and football.  His methods of training are built from years of knowledge he has learned from elite athletes in every discipline with an emphasis to compete to win.  You need to train with winners that have the confidence to make you better and have a resume at national level competitions and multiple sports to validate it.  His career best gym lifts are:  bench 545lbs, log press 330lbs, deadlift 800lbs, squat 605lbs, curl 245lbs, and stone load 418lbs.  His career best competition lifts are:  bench 530lbs, deadlift 800lbs, squat 585lbs, and curl 231lbs.  Jesse was honor graduate of Basic Army Combatives Instructor Course. 

Ulice Payne III

Ulice has had great success and gained much knowledge with his experiences in various sports. From being a basketball player, heavyweight wrestler, track & field thrower, offensive lineman in football, powerlifter, and strongman competitor. He is a big believer in building overall strength, speed, and power to aid in various sports and in life. Ulice trains strongman with 8X Worlds Strongest Man competitor Dave Ostlund and has trained with 4X Worlds Strongest Man Champion Brian Shaw. He’s had experience competing at the collegiate level throwing shotput, discus, weight throw, and hammer as well as being a tackle and guard in football for the University of St. Thomas where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Promotions. Ulice has had experience training various high school athletes from being an assistant strength & conditioning coach at Hopkins High School in MN. Ulice firmly believes that to be successful in anything, you need PASSION! Whether it’s in sports, a job, or life you need to have passion in what you’re doing to put the work in and to win. If you’re someone who is new to exercise and strength training Ulice is you’re guy! He will break your workouts down to you and make them easy to understand to build up your confidence and knowledge. If you’re an athlete and wanting to take yourself to the next level then Ulice will help take you there and beyond with his knowledge and experience working with high school athletes, college athletes, and strength coaches he will help improve your strength, speed, power, and conditioning. His best gym lifts are a 440 bench, 620 squat, 815 deadlift, 350 log press, 1,100 yoke walk, 1,000 frame carry

Dani Larsen

I am both a registered nurse and an ACE certified personal trainer. I have been in the fitness industry in some capacity for over a decade, and participated in a variety of different sports and activities over the course of my life. My personal interests include corrective exercise, mobility and flexibility training, kettlebell training, and powerlifting. I believe having a consistent realistic approach is key to long term success. 


Small group training with 2-3 people for a discounted rate. You will receive individualized attention, a plan, and have the social support of a small group. 


Depending on your timeline, sessions are available in 30 minute to 1 hour sessions. We will look at your movement patterns, injury history and prevention, overall goals, and set a plan accordingly. Workouts can be customized to be a combination of at home, in the gym, or whatever setting works best for you. 

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